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We build pretty complex tools and this allows us to take designs and turn them into functional quickly and easily


We build pretty complex tools and this allows us to take designs and turn them into functional quickly and easily

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Leaders today believe in leveraging ideas across board as innovation happens through unchartered territories. Giving every team member a voice and a chance to be equal where innovation and ideas are concerned is the demand of the new millennial generation. Xampr allows complex business and technology challenges to be tackled faster by bridges the information gap created by departmental silos, hierarchies and complex process flows. Xampr is a mascot for the Millennial generation to enable Social Enterprise Productivity. Xampr works the way your employee understand; it brings teams and functions together to collaborate real time to take decisions, problem solve, brainstorm, innovate, manage work, delegate and make progress over enterprise applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics AX and more.

Collaboration Suite


Collabrating via chat is first and obvious way, when you can't meet face to face directly use this to communicate and share Info.


Achieve task level maturity by using our powerful Todos. Do not leave anything to memory. Create checklists of all your important processes and help your team achieve 100% compliance


Create and assign tasks and track it to completion with date, notes, collaborate over chats etc.


Block meeting calendars, invite individuals, ask for their attendance, share agenda, chat over the subject, pre share presentation or reading material and more.


Achieve execution excellence by stitching workspaces & projects as microworkflows. Break down tasks into components and use a plethora of templates to manage and execute. Assign responsibilities, deadlines, create sub tasks, todos, expense management, leave management, drive task analytics and much more.

Polls and Surveys

Opinions matter and feedback counts. Deploy quick opinion and preference polls to help decide something. Allow for transparency and let everybody feel heard. Create user surveys on experiences, services, usage etc to know what went right and what could be improved.


Report, classify, track and manage expenses on a campaign, sales or business trip, field expenses, purchases and generate analytics on usage.

Team Tracker

Drive accountability and culture of closure by tracking leads or project deadlines by creating a systematic flow of meetings, participant and purpose of meetings, outcomes and next steps to follow etc. Share note or MoM from meetings, presentations, documentations and geo tags to indicate location of event.


Something important on your mind? Do not let your questions drown in the noise of activities. Create a question and direct it to an individual or group of individuals and be kept informed.


Got an agenda on your mind? Create eclectic, niche, interest or intent oriented groups to achieve common goals and objectives.


Create learning groups, SME forums, new product launch, new vision forum, R&D forums, create a knowledge sharing space, be glued into the news feeds of the company, and information that is necessary for you to succeed at your job!

Purchase Order

Decided on product? Decided on supplier? Decided on cost, specifications and delivery date? Raise a PO and send for immediate approval. Attach pictures of product specification, supplier details, discounts or rebates applied and maintain history of the transaction.


Time is money. Enable team members to log in their time, task, role, location while working on a project to keep accurate account of effort and time spent. Chose currency, hashtag against project or client for easy discoverability and analytics.


Have direct visibility into team strength availability. Enable leave application remotely, approve / disapprove leave, have visibility into work load and reassign work on priority to manage deliverables.


Enter onboarding of new stock of inventory, log product specifications, quantity, date, and other details, upload picture and delivery chalan etc.

Awesome Features


Whether you are in a meeting, finished an assignment, middle of doing a task, or any activity, we always need placeholders to jot down important points, capture the brilliant ideas, make notes of critical information to be later used for post process. The utility of notes are endless and important.


One of the strongest tools of collaboration is the attachment. Attach documents for review, verification, audit and compliance, videos, pictures of product, incident, warranty cards, product delivery, invoice and much more.


Be on top of your game by having all your appointments and meetings reflect in one common calendar view. Xampr provides an easy to create, invite, follow and view calendar events.

SLA Reminder

In our busy hectic schedule you need a friend to remind you of critical approaching deadlines, the next appointment schedule and simply help you keep up to speed on commitments. Xampr SLA reminder is the friend you need.

Voice Message

Create an impact and send a voice message. It is more personal, sophisticated, quick and refined. Convey more of your intentions via your emotions through voice messaging


Mark all that is important to you, create categories, use them as quick filters and more. Hash tags are the most fun way of working and creating your personal efficiency code.

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