What is XAMPR

A precocious Digital-native, Intellect, Innovative system that is designed to drive customer-centric value while keeping the core systems standard.

what is XAMPR
XAMPR connecting work-flows

Reducing the barrier to
Last mile adoption and collaboration

Xampr allows complex business and technology challenges to be tackled faster by bridging the information gap created by departmental silos, hierarchies, and complex process flows; A mascot for the Millennial generation to enable Social Enterprise Productivity. Accelerating the growth drivers of digital transformation - mobile friendly, people-first intuitive solution that hides backend system complexity.

It works the way your employee understands; it brings teams and functions together to collaborate in real-time to make decisions, problem-solve, brainstorm, innovate, manage work, delegate and make progress over enterprise applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics AX and more.

Human Process Automation

Embedding decision science in automation and evolving to higher cognitive flexibility in humans achieving, acquiring, and refining intelligence in ambiguity.

what is HPA

A 5 step approach of HPA to evolve towards collective mass excellence.

HPA Impact - Step 1

A systematic mechanism for capturing events in real-time, including details and information relevant to the situation, allowing to build context and using the input of a knowledge worker to study the decision in the form of action.
Harnessing knowledge, skills and talent of the knowledge and front line workers on the field to apply systems and processes to solve problems and challenges.

HPA-Human process automation step 1

HPA Impact - Step 2

The subtle shift of human mindset from autonomy to free will, allows for creative and imaginative ways of problem-solving by applying human intellect, intuition, judgment, emotional intelligence, and reasoning. This approach allows front line workers to innovate within the boundaries of resource available and dynamically changing environmental variables.

HPA-Human process automation step 2

HPA Impact - Step 3

New neural pathways are forged, innovation happens at every level. The Xampr AI continuously learns and monitors these new activities and inputs, and innovation becomes the new best practice, thus evolving the intent and process at the same time.

HPA-Human process automation step 3

HPA Impact - Step 4

The behavior footprints and actions come in sync with intent, individuals start operating with a higher-order purpose achieving excellence and motivation. Each knowledge worker and front line worker is enabled with the same autonomy and driven to operate from free will.

HPA-Human process automation step 4

HPA Impact - Step 5

The continuous input, output, decision-based loop creates a behavior footprint of the knowledge worker. The AI system capturing this neural pathway, not only begins to understand the inputs but also intent, thus modifying, refining and shaping intent-based outcomes, there is a phenomenon of mass excellence achieved.

HPA-Human process automation step 5

Know HPA in Detail

Human Process Automation (HPA) combines the power of collaboration, rapid application development of business and process workflows and automate non-human centric actions, which results in productivity, efficiency and evolved human intent captured as machine intelligence.
HPA empowers knowledge and front line workers for last-mile collaboration in a rapid and agile business workflow environment (what we call micro workflows), by streamlining process and embedding AI.

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Business Model Agility & Competitive Edge

Collaboration Suite

XAMPR collaboration

Human inputs driven Automation

Co-exists With Legacy Systems While Accelerating The Digital Native Transformation with Flexible and Programmable Automation

Automation workflow

Workflow oriented automation that reduces in-process inventory

Automation tailored

Industry-specific tailored micro workflows that minimize the labor

automation productivity

High productivity with process adherence ensuring audit and quality

Automation customizable

Customizable templates that saves production lead time

Rapid Development and Deployment

Solutions that can be adopted to different verticals

Rapid App development

Advanced Analytics and AI

Go beyond Analytics and Dashboards emphasising the power of AI

AI and Aanalytics

Vertical Specific Insights

Vertical specific insights are derived from the process workflows. The app learns through both organic and inorganic pathways which allows for innovation at the edge while maintaining autonomy and accountability.

Horizontal Specific Insights

Horizontal specific insights are derived from the usage of the app which gives a glimpse into user intent and helps to predict reinforcing behaviors.

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XAMPR Features

XAMPR features and capabilities


XAMPR integrates with existing core enterprise systems through knowledge sharing in a secure environment without disrupting user experience and information sanctity.

XAMPR features and capabilities


XAMPR keeps track of multiple items and deliveries. Managers can manage,track, and solve bottleneck that impedes progress by providing immediate inputs for problem resolution.

XAMPR features and capabilities


XAMPR aids information critical, keeps track of progress for execution by providing context-driven collaboration allowing third party integrations, and role-based security features.

XAMPR features and capabilities


XAMPR custom made forms and collaborators in synchrony with inbuilt tools bringing valuable insights into socio-technical collaborative work in business and other knowledge work domains.

XAMPR features and capabilities


XAMPR architecture allows for robust performance and scalability under existing environment allowing businesses to operate at 3X the speed and efficiency with lower risk to the company.

XAMPR features and capabilities


XAMPR enterprise modules allow docility and rapid application deployment with different systems that streamline contextually workflows and enabling micro workflows that boost productivity.

Data privacy and security

Defining consumer centric policies

Data privacy and security

Consumer accreditation

XAMPR entrusts the consumer's liberty in handling user data and data privacy. The privacy rights include in data access, remove data and explicit Opt-in consent. We collaborate with multiple sources and organizations to make sure the Industry-lead practices in keeping the Data private and strictly involves multiple layers of security.

Secure governance

It's a critical aspect of the organizations we engage with where the data security architecture is technically advanced that includes authentication levels, Access control, periodic backups, and disaster recovery plans, the formulating policies vary with Industry-specific standards.
Companies we collaborate incorporates a secure holistic approach towards maintaining Application, IT infrastructure, Network, and Data repository in safeguarding sensitive information and privacy of PII with HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

XAMPR ai-analytics and Dashboard

How XAMPR intensifies company growth

Easy to manage, secure and reliable platform, and cost-efficient

  • Competitive edge via E2E innovation
  • Agile business processes and business model
  • Operational data and human-centric insights
  • Process Adherence & Accountability
  • Higher service SLA and Productivity
  • Customer-centric integrated value chain
  • Real-time E2E business execution agility

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