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Sales Management

Sales Management

Real-time field target and sales tracking to provide visibility on progress. Managers can define targets for teams or individuals, which will be sales KPIs and act as a north star for target realization calculations end of the month or quarter or year. Analytics to view unassigned target, deadline, the amount in the pipeline and monthly/quarterly realization and towards KPIs.

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Employee leave shift and performance management

Performance and leave Mgmt.

Performance module ensures zero time lag at the start of the shift, 100% visibility into manpower availability and accurate schedule work based on skillset. The system has real-time work allocation capability based on forecasted resource availability, automatically upgrade and credit skillsets of the worker plus a provision for Manager to borrowing and lending of resources.

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Assets maintenance and breakedown management

Asset Management

Real-time collaborative service management for Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of assets. The system captures accurate history for audit trail and reports the real-time Maintenance with details for faster decisions that help in mapping of responsibility and accountability and visibility into status completion of tasks. Improved productivity, reduced pilferage, and high customer satisfaction.

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Tender bid and purchase order management

Purchase order and Bid Mgmt.

Raise and generate bids to several suppliers instantaneously based on geo-fenced tags with 100% visibility into bid details and comparisons of suppliers. Stack ranking of suppliers based on the best quotation. Auditability and traceability of bid and PO raised, Rate suppliers based on reliability, quality and turn around time. Manage govt compliances like Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

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Maintenance and event management

Maintenance Management

Raise maintenance and breakdown repair requests in real-time. Empower shop floor operators to take immediate action with 100% visibility into progress allowing accurate capture of issue details of the issue. Insight and Analytics into patterns and root cause analysis streamline Total Production Management (TPM) benchmarks into process encouraging to embed corrective and preventive action as part of the closure of the issue.

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budget and expeses management

Expenses and Budget Mgmt.

The Finance team or Management allocates the budget and the system gets a quotation or estimation of the planned resources, the execution team Report, classify, track and manage expenses on a campaign, sales or business trip, field expenses, purchases and generate analytics on spend with purchase order details and invoice attached. The system provides real-time and advanced analytics on the cost control along with the project.

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XAMPR Micro-Workflows with cross functional Modules

XAMPR batch Management Modules

Batch Tracking Management

XAMPR resources Management Modules

Resource and Shift Management

XAMPR inventory and warehouse Management Modules

Inventory Management

XAMPR maintenance and breakdown Management Modules

Maintenance and Breakdown Management

XAMPR quality Management Modules

Quality and Control Management

XAMPR purchase or buy Management Modules

Purchase Order Management

XAMPR bid and tender Management Modules

Tender and Bid Management

XAMPR assets Management Modules

Asset Management

XAMPR planning Management Modules

Planning Management

XAMPR target and goals Management Modules

Target Management

XAMPR quotation and estimation Management Modules

Quotation Management

XAMPR expenses and cost controlManagement Modules

Expenses Management

XAMPR budget Management Modules

Budget Management

XAMPR Elog Management Modules

E-Log Management

XAMPR facility and housekeeping Management Modules

Facility Management

XAMPR meeting Management Modules

Meeting Management

XAMPR oppurtunity Management Modules

Oppurtunity Management

XAMPR lead Management Modules

Leads Management

XAMPR Administrative Management Modules

Administrative Management

XAMPR butler Management Modules

Butler Management

XAMPR porter Management Modules

Porter Management

XAMPR housekeeping Management Modules

Housekeeping Management

XAMPR bed Management Modules

Bed Management

XAMPR insurance Management Modules

Insurance Management

XAMPR lab Management Modules

Lab Module

XAMPR nurse Management Modules

Nurse Module

XAMPR patient Management Modules

Patient Module

XAMPR doctor Management Modules

Doctor Module

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