XAMPR Verticals

Combining the best of micro workflows with RPA, ML, and AI in enabling rapid vertical solutions

real estate

Real Estate

Real-time collaborative service management for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of assets. The system captures accurate history for audit trail and reports the real-time Maintenance with details for faster decisions that help in mapping of responsibility and accountability and visibility into status completion of tasks. Improved productivity, reduced pilferage, and high customer satisfaction.

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automobile and aerospace

Automobile and Aerospace

Orchestrate data and process flow across mechanics, fleet manager, tier 1 suppliers, OEMs, and the aftermarket suppliers, in real-time. Real-time capability makes the business model possible, subsequently, a tech-enabled company to showcase scale. Predictable ETA and customer SLA adherence, just 3 months dev effort for micro workflows, 100% audit trail; zero pilferage; zero settlement reconciliation errors.

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pharma and healthcare

Pharma and Healthcare

Dedicated dashboard for each doctor to view patient status under their care, system alarms if unstable. Nurse to monitor and track treatment methodology, alter medications based on changing patient conditions. Invite other doctors to collaborate for consulting and advice on a real-time basis. Keep insurance partners informed of the treatment protocol and request admin management for equipments and ambulance.

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oil and gas

Oil and Gas

Raise maintenance and breakdown repair requests in real-time. Empower shop floor operators to take immediate action with 100% visibility into progress allowing accurate capture of issue details of the issue. Insight and Analytics into patterns and root cause analysis streamline Total Production Management (TPM) benchmarks into process encouraging to embed corrective and preventive action as part of the closure of the issue.

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XAMPR Micro-Workflows with cross functional Modules

XAMPR batch Management Modules

Batch Tracking Management

XAMPR resources Management Modules

Resource and Shift Management

XAMPR inventory Management Modules

Inventory Management

XAMPR maintenance and breackdown Management Modules

Maintenance and Breakdown Management

XAMPR quality Management Modules

Quality and Control Management

XAMPR purchase or buy Management Modules

Purchase Order Management

XAMPR tender and bid Management Modules

Tender and Bid Management

XAMPR assets Management Modules

Asset Management

XAMPR planning Management Modules

Planning Management

XAMPR target and goal Management Modules

Target Management

XAMPR Quotation and estimation Management Modules

Quotation Management

XAMPR expenses and cost control Management Modules

Expenses Management

XAMPR budget Management Modules

Budget Management

XAMPR elog Management Modules

E-Log Management

XAMPR facility Management Modules

Facility Management

XAMPR meeting Management Modules

Meeting Management

XAMPR Oppurtunity Management Modules

Oppurtunity Management

XAMPR lead Management Modules

Leads Management

XAMPR Administrative Management Modules

Administrative Management

XAMPR butler Management Modules

Butler Management

XAMPR porter Management Modules

Porter Management

XAMPR housekeeping Management Modules

Housekeeping Management

XAMPR bed Management Modules

Bed Management

XAMPR insurance Management Modules

Insurance Management

XAMPR lab Management Modules

Lab Module

XAMPR nurse Management Modules

Nurse Module

XAMPR patient Management Modules

Patient Module

XAMPR doctor Management Modules

Doctor Module

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